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Rolex 5513 (1973)

Hey Pete,

The Rolex Submariner 5513 1973 issue features a “ghost bezel” and Serif Dial with a Calibre 1530 featuring a balance wheel with a microstella regulating system, a Breguet overcoil, and KIF shock absorbers, all of which contribute to its precision and durability.

The watch ran from 1962 - 1989 and was identical to its big brother 5512 without the COSC certification.

It’s a “ghost bezel” because the bezel fades into a bluish tint over time.


Here’s John Mayer talking about the 5514 which is a helium modified 5513

Here are a few people talking about the 5513 1973 at Bob’s Watches & Draft + Tailored provides a comprehensive overview of the 5513 series.


When it comes to watches - this is one of the most iconic, classic watches that is as cool as it was 60 years ago.


Grandad (Daniel Learned) bought it for ~$230 ($1,422 adjusted for inflation) in 1972. Until 2007 he wore that thing everyday and especially sported it on the Club Med Beaches in France where he had all his fun from the stories I heard.

Uncle Dave sported the watch briefly, getting a NATO strap like James Bond Spector, but mostly kept it safe in a watch winder from 2007 - 2023.

I enjoyed sporting the watch for the last year and enjoyed taking pictures of the watch sending them to Uncle Dave.

Now it's yours to sport.